A UK Tour of Italian Cuisine in London

If you’re planning a UK tour but also want to sample some of Europe’s finest cuisine, then we’ve got a top suggestion for you.

It is estimated that approximately 250,000 Italians live in London. This is more or less the same amount living in Verona, the twelfth-ranked Italian city in terms of resident population.

For some years now, London restaurants have been offering more exclusive dishes and wines from the various regions of Italy. This growing phenomenon is loved by Italian’s residing in London but is also appreciated by all of London.

To help you find the best Italian cuisine on your UK tour of London we’re turning our attention to recent competition winner RossoDiSera. Located in Covent Garden, RossoDiSera was voted “the best Italian restaurant in London” by Italian food & lifestyle website, LoveItalianLife.

Igor Iacopini, founder and manager of the restaurant, started from Fermo, an Italian town in the region of Marche, twelve years ago. In his repertoire he has a degree in banking economics, but in his heart he has the passion for eating well and the will to promote the food and wine excellence of his land.

"When I was travelling abroad I never found a product from Marche, only a few bottles of Verdicchio. I was working in the marketing field and I immediately realised that the void had to be filled." – Igor Iacopini.


Adding to the restaurant's authenticity are the nineteenth-century bricks from a Marche farmhouse that line the interior walls of RossoDiSera.

"Slowly, we have obtained the trust of our customers and the equally important trust of our suppliers. As for fresh products, we are forced to turn to the local market, which is rich in Italian products, such as fish from the Adriatic. For all the rest, we supply directly from Marche: wine, oil, cured meats, cheeses, jams. There are also niche products such as cicerchie, fig lonzino, Varnelli anise, sapa”, tells Igor Iacopini.

"We need to make a common front" – concludes Iacopini – "to give strength to a reality like ours. We are the only restaurant from the Marches in the United Kingdom. Our staff are all of our land, and we make known to our cosmopolitan clientele the wines and foods that they have never heard of."

If you’re interested in participating in a discovery of Italian flavors while immersed in the glorious architecture of London, contact us to find out more about our custom UK tours. You can reach us via our online form or contact us directly at 347-594-5500.

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