Hull: A Top City to Visit in 2016

Now, those more familiar with the UK may have been surprised by the appearance of Hull in Rough Guides’ top 10 cities to visit in 2016. As a city in the East Riding of Yorkshire and situated on the Humber, it has traditionally had a less fortunate reputation, with many believing it to be a little drab. However, recent years have seen Hull begin to shine, with new hotels and restaurants opening and increased attention on the city’s museums and quaint Old Town (equipped with authentic cobbled streets). This rebirth has led, in part, to it being named as the UK City of Culture for 2017 and Hull will also host the September Freedom Festival in 2016, which celebrates acclaimed performers and artists from across the globe.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about and are considering incorporating Hull into a UK tour then here are some of the highlights that we recommend:

  • Don’t miss the Museum Quarter, where you’ll find the majority of Hull’s museums, many of which have free entry. Examples include the Streetlife Museum of Transport and the Hull and East Riding Museum of Archaeology, which focuses on the history of the region and features a woolly mammoth.
  • Visit “The Deep”, which is one of the UK’s biggest aquariums focused on the fascinating inhabitants of the deep blue sea. As well as a whopping 3500 fish, including green sawfish, sharks and rays, there is a colony of Gentoo penguins. It is a great place for children or those interested in marine life and is a not-for-profit organization that supports conservation.
  • If the weather is pleasant, we highly recommend a walk along Hull Marina in the direction of the Fruit Market as here you’ll find the Museum of Club Culture, a dinosaur exhibition called “Dinostar”, art galleries and quirky shops where you can buy gifts.
  • There are several walking trails that you can enjoy as you investigate Hull’s Old Town, which is rich in Georgian and Edwardian architecture. Favorites include “Walking with Wilberforce”, which focuses on the city’s historic buildings, the “Ale Trail” and the “Blue Plaque Trail”, which guides you around the city with fascinating facts on blue plaques.

As a part of a UK vacation package, Hull works well in combination with London and Edinburgh or with a vacation in the Peak or Lake Districts. If you’re thinking about incorporating Hull or East Yorkshire into your UK vacation and would like us to put together a personalized vacation quote tailored to your requirements, then contact a member of our team on 1-347-594-5500 or click here to send us an online inquiry.

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